About us

Sellzmart, aims to provide an artificially intelligent Smart Product Upload System which solves ‘product upload hassles’ faced by sellers across the globe. This platform takes products in the form of catalogues through popular messaging apps, does all the required processing to successfully upload them on desired marketplaces. To make this happen, we leverage cutting edge advanced technologies like AI (ML and Deep Learning), Image processing etc. which perform several tasks like automatic extraction of domain, category and all required attributes based on target marketplace specifications to make Sellzmart a best and a reliable solution in this problem domain.
Our vision is to empower Homepreneurs/small sellers/NGOs/housewives and rural skilled class through our smart solutions. We want to help them come online faster and establish a strong online business presence within hours.

Sellzmart For You

Why SellZmart ?

Faster product upload with no hassles.

A secure and reliable Platform.

Integrated with popular marketplaces.

Integrated with popular messaging Apps.

How are we different ?

Pioneer of the solution.

Leverages advanced technologies like AI.

Assurity of data security.

Easy to scalable in all verticals.

We care for you

24/7 Customer care.

Dedicated Seller Manager for every customer.

Free trial available.

Affordable plans based on your needs.

Our Story

Solution to a problem:

The idea of Sellzmart took shape as a solution to a problem. Back in mid of 2016, we built our first product Femiza as an e-commerce shop. Right, after the launch, we started approaching sellers from different parts of the country to upload their products on our shop. This is when we realized that how painful could be the task of uploading products on different marketplaces. With so many different marketplaces having their different upload format and methods, it would kill hours of a seller/business owner. In most cases they hire semi-skilled computer professionals for the job or refrain from uploading on any marketplace. They would rather use facebook messenger and whatsapp broadcast list to circulate their catalogues and expand their reach.
This is when the idea of Sellzmart was framed. We thought why not provide them a solution that exists in their comfort zone. So we thought of combining popular messaging Apps, cutting edge modern technologies like AI and Deep learning with different popular online selling platforms and a smart product Sellzmart was born.
Applauds to entire Team Femiza, who turned this “out of box” idea into reality.

Whats Next?

After successfully conquering the problem of “uploading products” completely, we plan to enhance Sellzmart to turn it into a one stop solution for all your business needs. Some of the planned enhancements include “AutoAlert - reminders for stock update for different marketplaces directly on popular messaging apps”, “Interchannel stock update ” etc.

Our Promise:

We love to see you grow. We promise to work tirelessly to help you establish a strong online presence.